Granville Island - Vancouver, BC

Several weeks ago I had the opportuntiy to head north for a few days to attend a photography workshop in beautiful Vancouver, BC.  While I didn't have much time for sightseeing, Carolyn and I did manage to make it out one afternoon to explore one of our favorite tourist spots - Granville Island.
Situated near downtown Vancouver, BC, Granville Island is both a locals’ favorite and a huge draw for visitors. It is centered around the Granville Island Public Market, which consists of over 70 merchants selling a variety of fresh produce, gourmet foods, baked goods, seafood along with numerous other commercial vendors. Locals come here to get started on whatever lunch or dinner menus they are working on, and visitors come to get lost in a dizzying array of fresh smells and lively vendors. 


In addition to the market, Granville Island has a multitude of small shops, galleries and co-ops. Is a veritable real-life Etsy marketplace -- where you can touch and feel unique, handmade goods in person. 
During our visit we had the opportunity to tour a printmaking facility and talk with some of the resident artists while they were working on their various projects.  (I absolutely love this kind of thing and I think that even Carolyn enjoyed herself!)


We have had the good fortune to visit Granville Island a hand-full of times over the years and each time I see something different that completely fascinates me.  This time it was a man who sat on a bench for hours allowing pigeons to perch on top of him.  If we didn't see it for ourselves we would have never believed it.  Believe it people.  


Here's to whatever adventure awaits upon on our next visit to the land of the Canucks!