Taipei City

On the surface Taipei City appears to be "another big city" inhabited by millions of people who are all confined to a very small space.  There are motorcycles, bicycles, cars, cabs and pedestrians everywhere and they all appear to be going somewhere in a hurry.  (I was nearly run over by a bicycle while standing on the street corner!)  Beneath the surface though, Taipei City is a thriving community that is made up of generous and kind (albeit, shy) people who are very proud of their country.
Founded in the early 18th century, Taipei is a country rich with culture which stems from a blend of Chinese and Japanese occupation over the years.  Taipei City is the capital of Taipei and considered to be the political and cultural center of the country.  It is not only home to the famous Taipei 101 (which what used to be the tallest building in the world - now that honor goes to a city in Dubai), but also many spectacular palaces, galleries and art museums.  While I didn't have time to visit it this year, the National Palace Museum is by far, one of my favorite museums to spend time in.  (It house one of the world's largest collections of artifacts from ancient China and is filled with some of the most beautiful pieces of art, china, jade, sculptures, etc. that I have ever laid eyes on.)
Taipei itself is a democratic country with a LOT of varying political views.  (Sound familiar?!)  It is refreshing to me that nearly everyone that we meet is free to openly share their views on how the government should be run as well as their feelings about the future of not only their country, but the world as a whole.  
While I could spend a great deal of time sharing my view about Taipei City (and the surrounding area)  - suffice it to say that I truly enjoy traveling to this unique and beautiful part of the world and look forward to my next visit!
If you would like to see a few of the pictures that I have taken during our visit you can see them here
Next stop - Singapore!